CVG4 Property Owners

Woodford Commercial Real Estate have been tasked with removing a restrictive covenant on the properties located in Columbia Valley Gardens Plat No. 4 (CVG4), Block 16 & 17 (East of Walmart, see above).

In 1927 RA Long placed a restrictive covenant on these properties for “residential use” only. Now these properties are zoned commercial under Title 19 of the Longview Municipal Code but restricted by the covenant.

We are asking for the cooperation of all CVG4 to sign in support. Your signature will allow this land to be used for commercial use as zoned by the city. Schedule your FREE notarized signature today on the Agreement, Waiver & Release of Plat Restriction form with Stewart Title Longview

Agreement, Waiver & Release of Plat Restriction

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  • What is a restritive covenant?

    They “run with the land” binding any current or future buyer of the property to specific land use. In this case, the ability to use the property, which is commercially zoned, for commercial use.

  • What is a property zone

    Zones regulate how parcels of land in an area can be used or developed, i.e., Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, etc. This zone is Commercial, i.e. shops, restaurants, etc.

  • Does a restrictive covenant supersede zoning

    Yes, as they operate outside and in addition to municipal zoning bylaws. This restriction prevents commercial use in a commercial zone. This is why we are asking for your cooperation

  • Why is this restrictive covenant being removed

    To ensure the lots be consistent with Commercial zoning under Title 19 of the Longview Municipal Code. This area of CVG4 is now zoned as Commercial, but the covenant restricts the properties to residential use only.

  • How does this affect me if I live in blocks 16 and 17 off 36th Ave and Ocean Beach Hwy?
    • This will release the restrictive covenant of “residential use” from your deed.
    • This restriction removal could increase the price of your property.
    • Nothing will change that you will not allow.
    • We will be recording the removal of the covenant restriction for those in blocks 16 & 17 along and Ocean Beach HWY.
  • How does this affect me if I live in block 23, 24, 33, and 34?

    This will not directly affect you. You are simply signing to say that you do not mind that this restriction is moved so that these property owners can use the land for commercial use without legal infringements.

  • How does this benefit the local community?
    • Community growth with new shopping and restaurants close by.
    • Increased tax for city and schools.
  • Will I be charged to get my signature notarized?

    If you schedule through Woodford CRE or Stewart Title you will not be charged. If you get this done outside of these two companies, you will have to pay a fee. These usually cost about $10.

Help Us, Help You.

We would like to invite the property owners of CVG4 Block 16 & 17 to support us in the payment of this endeavor. Our hope is that you will help us offset the total by investing a minimum of $500.00. Your investment will be used to pay for the fee of removing this restriction. Your investment will give you the ability to use the land the way it is zoned and if a homeowner, increase the value of your home. Investing in our proposal will only help you, your property, and Longview.

If you would like to help, please make a check out to Woodford Commercial Real Estate

You can send or drop off check to Todd Wade:
Woodford Commercial Real Estate
208 Vine Street
Kelso WA 98626